S.Ramachandran M.Sc,M.Ed,M.Phil (Retd. Headmaster) is a veteran mathematics teacher who has more than 30 years of experience teaching math to high school students and to students pursuing higher studies in mathematics. He has conducted several teacher training programmes and has also co-authored the Tamilnadu Business Mathematics Text Book for 11th & 12th Standard.

After his retirement, he has now embarked on a new journey to once again delve into mathematics and teaching, but this time reaching millions of students via this portal. His vision is to make school mathematics simple for students to have indepth understanding and excel in exams.

Bhaskar Ramachandran is an Electronics Engineer by profession. He got his Bachelors’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University and Master’s degree in Power  Electronics and Analog design from the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA.

Bhaskar enjoys interacting with young minds and has a passion to teach and share his knowledge. His favourite subjects are Physics, Math and of course Electronics. His experience with learning is such that every subject is interesting and fun when it is well explained and nuances are fully understood.

A few decades ago, learning a subject was difficult for some due to lack of learning resources, but in today’s world, with so much information available online, the real challenge now is to pick the right learning resources and a good mentor and stay focussed to make learning an interesting experience. He firmly believes that he can guide willing students to transform their learning experience and make the process of learning very interesting. Bhaskar teaches Math and Physics to school students in his spare time to pursue his passion for teaching.